Art Gallery The Obsession of Art

Specialism International Contemporary Impressionism
City Bergen NH
Address Molenstraat 3 | 1861 LG
Country The Netherlands
Phone Number NL - 072 581 84 61
In line with its objectives, The Obsession of Art is becoming increasingly international. Contemporary Impressionism is sourced from all over the world and delivered all over the world. Artists from more than 20 countries are exclusively represented. What connects all artists is inspiration, emotion, impressionism and the exclusive IMU® principle that stands for Inspiration, Mastery and Uniqueness. During Naarden the Art Fair, works by almost all international masters are shown.

1. Melissa Chandon (US) 'Peaceful poolside' 90cm x 90cm Original oil on canvas 2022
Recently, Melissa Chandon from the Americas was successfully introduced in Europe. Merging Kazimir Malevich and David Hockney into one artist is certain to produce work that is fascinatingly similar to the paintings of Melissa Chandon

2. Anne Dewailly (FR) 'Blue Velvet' Original painting oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm y 2022
Beauty and purity like to dance with grace and authenticity. Moving movement in the archetype of human communication. Vulnerable, connecting and deeply emotional. Looking for the symbiosis of purity, clarity and calmness, Anne intuitively finds beautiful people who show their souls. To expose and record the experience of her unique message; the power and value of serenity

3. Peter van Straten (ZA)’ An ode to perfect Moments’ Original oil on canvas 120 x 90 cm y 2022
Each painting shows how beautiful life, people and the world are and can be. Like a chain with only the most beautiful links. Surprisingly playful and yet always in perfect harmony. Paintings like dreams of how it could be different. As contours of the gates of progress, of growth. For people, the world, life.

4. Marjolijn de Bruin 'Devoted'
Bronze 57 x 60
blue velvet