Lets Meet again!

The ‘Lets Meet Again’ event is a unique opportunity to have renewed “live” contact with a selection of the art galleries, goldsmiths and lifestyle specialists known from the InterEvent fairs. An ideal moment to discover the latest collections of high-quality Art, Antiques & Jewelry at an appropriate distance, in a location that is familiar to many (Grote Kerk Naarden). A wide range of Modern and Contemporary art, Antiques, Silver, Jewelry, Interior, Fashion, Wine and Delicacies was presented at this historic location during 4 days. This beautiful location with its range of high-quality objects makes a visit to LETS MEET AGAIN more than worth it! LETS MEET AGAIN!

Art, Jewels & Lifestyle!


Entrance tickets with online discount

To be well prepared to visit the Let’s Meet Again event, you can already purchase your entrance tickets online with a discount. With this you enjoy a discount online and you do not have to wait at the checkout at busier times. Online tickets provide the opportunity to visit the Let’s Meet Again event on a trade fair day of your choice. The LETS MEET AGAIN sales exhibition takes place from Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 September in the Grote Kerk in Naarden. Open daily from 10am to 6pm and Friday evenings to 8pm.


The monumental Church surprises the visitor during the LETS MEET AGAIN event with a wide range of Modern & Contemporary art, Antiques, Silver, Jewelry, Fashion, Wine and Delicacies. The 50 exhibitors are a selection of the best participants of the well-known InterEvent fairs (Naarden the Art fair – Het Juweel – Exclusive Spring Fair).

Naarden the Art fair