Grote Kerk Naarden the Art fair

Visit ceiling Barrel vault

During the summer there is the unique opportunity for visitors to view the beautifully painted ceiling of the Grote Kerk from up close.

Unique barrel vault

If you visit the Grote Kerk Naarden you will see a unique work of art high above you; the painted barrel vault from 1518. It has been visible from the ground for five centuries, at a height of 25 meters. During LET’S MEET AGAIN the unique opportunity presents itself to discover every detail, every facial expression and the most fanciful mythical creatures up close. With a staircase you “storm” the painted sky. The Grote Kerk Naarden Foundation simultaneously has an investigation into the paintings carried out.

The five-century-old paintings are unprecedentedly well-preserved, and therefore exceptional in the Netherlands. Together the paintings form a fascinating Biblical story.


A maximum of 10 people can visit and view the paintings at a time via the jetty. An audio tour, on your own smartphone, shows you around. There will also be a supervisor from the Grote Kerk Naarden who answers questions and can tell more about the barrel vault. Reservations on registration upon arrival LETS MEET AGAIN.


Naturally, the safety of visitors and employees is central. A maximum of 10 visitors are allowed on the scaffolding at a time, the space offers the possibility to maintain sufficient distance from each other. Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory on top of the floor near the vault. In addition, extra hygiene measures are taken.

A truly unique extra that we do not want to deny the visitors of LETS MEET AGAIN. (Reservations on registration upon arrival)